• August 15, 2020
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  • Seamsters in Solidarity PPE work
    Updated On: May 14, 2020

    Local 887 E-board member Emily McLaughlin is working on a volunteer project sewing masks and gowns with possible paying work ahead. Please read and fill out the information form if interested.

    May 7, 2020

    Here is an update of where Seamsters in Solidarity stands as a non-profit as we transition from the IATSE effort.

    Seamsters in Solidarity is not yet fully considered a non-profit. All of our paperwork has been submitted to the IRS. We will be waiting on our paperwork to return form the IRS before we will be able to take donations - or at least be able to offer a tax donation slip for monetary or in-kind donations. Our lawyers are looking into whether we can retroactively offer tax donation slips. Our lawyers are working to set up order forms in the meantime and we can open discussions early next week regarding at-cost orders for masks. We are also in the process of setting up insurance and forming our bylaws.

    Long story, short. We are waiting on admin work behind the scenes to finalize everything legally.

    As for taking on employees and the shop space at the Rep, we need to wait for our paperwork to finalize. Fingers crossed, hopefully, next week. The lawyers and CPA are also working on setting up our employment for the people we have interviewed as stitchers.

    In the meantime, UFCW 21s order has started and is currently operating strictly under a volunteer effort with IATSE while we transition.

    In Solidarity,


    From: Brianna Murphy 
    Date: Sun, Apr 26, 2020 at 6:43 PM

    Hello Emily and 887 members,

    Things have been moving quickly since starting the local PPE Solidarity / IATSE campaign. It seems like every few days we get more and more people requesting our services and wanting to support our efforts. Right now we are discussing more orders with UFCW 21, SEIU 1199NW, and WFSE. The Governers office has also expressed interest in what we are doing as a union to union/essential worker campaign.

    In realizing that this is a marathon and not a sprint to combat CoVid-19 and wanting to support our out of work IATSE members we are in the process of starting a non-profit called Seamsters in Solidarity.

    Seamsters in Solidarity non-profit founders:

    • Tory Simons - IA 488
    • Meg Schmitt - IA 488
    • Brianna Murphy - IA 488
    • Darcey Zoller - IA 488

    Our goal is to provide a living wage at $35 per hour and work with the unions to pay into your NBF for healthcare and pension for IATSE members. Non-union entertainment workers and artists are also apart of our mission to hire.


    You can either work in the shop on 1st and Lander or from home. We ask that homeworkers set up a specific work area free of pets and smoke.

    • How many masks are you able to complete in a day?
      • Our goal is 200 fitted masks a day per person in an industrial setting but we will adjust as we go along and match a practical output expectancy
    • How many hours a day do you normally work/feel comfortable working?
    • How many days a week would you be interested in working?
    • Please share a brief background about yourself and speak to your experience.
      • Share a resume or portfolio if you have one.
    • Would you feel comfortable volunteering for now until we secure the funds?
    • Anything you’d like to share about your experience – what makes life easier as a stitcher?

    Please send all applications to myself and Meg Schmitt:

    We will be asking those who are interested to respond to the following questions before we set up an interview. If selected for an interview, you will be asked to pick up a pre-cut packet and go over sequence of Construction with Meg on Zoom.

    All interview sill be conducted after 4pm with Meg

    Interview Process:

    • Please be ready at your machine with the test kit
    • Have a light-colored thread.
    • Meg will go over the sequence of construction
    • Meg will preform a demo
    • And then we will ask you to replicate that at home

    More info:

    • Work will be given on an order by order basis.
    • You will be paid as a W-2 employee.
    • That being said, you will also accumulate unemployment benefits for later this year.
    • We have recently expanded our shop. With consideration of social distancing, we have room for two additional stitchers in our SODO space. (1st and Lander)
    • We’re starting a non-profit to run these orders through. In order to pay our folks but also receive large donations.
    • We are working closely with 488 BA, Melissa Purcell, to make our shop run similarly to a union shop.
    • We’ve purposed a budget with $35/hr plus NBF benefits to all on the crew. We are still working on this with IATSE – everyone seems enthusiastic to make this happen.
    • We are IATSE 488, 887, and 15.
    • We’ve been in making masks for UFCW 21. And we are currently in communications with  SEIU 1199NW – Harborview, and WFSE - Washington Federation of State Employees. It seems like every few days more people hear of our efforts and would like our help to support living-wage jobs
    • We can not offer paid work just yet but we are working on it day and night. Paperwork is being submitted with our CPA on Tuesday. We hope to have the non-profit fully set up with a bank account by Wednesday, April 29th, and payroll set up shortly after that.  
    • We are all volunteering as of right now.

    Thank you all for considering coming on with us. We are excited to make jobs that can help in this crisis and bring attention to the skills of entertainment workers. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

    Hope you are all in good health. 

    In Solidarity,


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